The Grand Tour

Cisco has wanted to create a flexible working environment for their employees and utilize the hidden talents.  This project has been done during the Experience Design workshop in Domus Academy and selected by Cisco to integrate with their talent cloud ecosystem in San Francisco headquarter. 

Inspired from the historical Grand Tour, an educational rite of passage undertaken by young European men traveling through major cultural venues centers of Europe.  The Cisco Grand Tour is an experience for employees to travel around the world, working on a network of socially based projects while living in co-living spaces located near the aided community. The Grand Tourists will remain connected by sharing their collected experiences on a content platform to the rest of the Cisco network to ensure that employees that do not travel can also experience the Grand Tour.

Value & potential

Following the growing trend of remote work, the Grand Tour grants Millennials a new way of  working  and nourishing  creativity  by constantly changing  environments, connecting people  in  a  different  manner  and  surpassing  a  completely digital world by  utilizing  a physical space. The Grand Tour brings unlimited new possibilities for Cisco and functions as  a  prototype  for  a new  way  of  working.  

Ultimately,  the  Grand  Tour  could  continue  to expand  to  more  locations  and  more employees  until  Cisco  itself becomes decentralized, becoming a system of motivated, digital nomads.